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A bad economy and tough competition compels most unemployed to lie to get a job

Many people are willing to bend the truth and be misleading when applying for work, a study has found. How many? See this article in GAAP/web.

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Videos featuring lies, liars, and lying!

That’s the ticket!

Jon Lovitz plays the most lovable liar we’ve ever known. Check out this vintage SNL skit where he sells his schtick as a fan at a talk show taping of an interview with a sex therapist!

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A woman from Thailand lured five Swedish men into paying for plane tickets to Sweden. The men all realised they had been tricked at the arrivals gate at Arlanda Airport when the woman never showed up.

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Check out this story of a literally two-faced liar! A 55-year-old Taiwanese man tricked up to 20 women into having sex with him in an elaborate scam where he posed as both a handsome young man and that man’s ailing father, local media said Monday.
The chameleon conman-cum-Casanova impersonated two characters – a good-looking son and his father – to cheat the women of sex and money. More salient details at AsiaOneNews.

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TV’s slickest liar learns some hard lessons in Mad Men season finale

Mad Men’s Don Draper has created an entire career out of lying– and is highly paid to boot. His personal life is no different with his perfect wife and the requisite children ensconced in the upwardly-mobile house in the suburbs. The facade he’s fabricated makes him the envy of all who think they know him.
Jace Lacob interviews Matthew Weiner for The Daily Beast about the Mad Men season finale. On the future Don and Betty Weiner says, “The marriage was not good. It was built on a lie and the …

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One in four estate agents has lied to homebuyers about properties or failed to comply with consumer protection laws, an investigation has revealed. From the Times Online, read more…

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The Queen’s official composer has spoken of the betrayal he felt after discovering his former agent swindled him.
Michael Arnold, 76, a self-confessed gambler, was jailed for 18 months last week after pleading guilty to falsely accounting a total of £522,333 of the musician’s earnings.
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“How can you trust a liar? Easy, read the book!”

—a satisfied Amazon reader


Readers will get chills paging through Larbalestier’s suspenseful novel about a compulsive liar who becomes a suspect in her boyfriend‚s murder. Micah admits it is hard to believe a girl who has pretended “she’s a boy, a hermaphrodite, or that her daddy’s an arms dealer,” but when Zach, the popular boy who was secretly seeing her “after hours,” is found dead, Micah claims innocence, promising to tell readers her story with “No lies, no omissions.” But the supernatural tale she tells may be her wildest yet...

--Publisher's Weekly starred review